Nanjing Zhongshan Plaza Charity Club Membership Constitution

◎ 会员申请Membership Application

As Your Honored guest have been stayed in Nanjing Zhongshan Plaza (shortened as Plaza below) for once under the standard room price or your consumption in the Plaza is more than 800 RMB in one month, you would have the right to get a Charity Club membership card at the reception desk with your ID card (including passport ID card and so on). And this membership card is specialized for your personal use only.

◎ 会员升级与注销Membership Upgrade and Logout

1. 会员升级根据会员消费积分及信用记录确定。博爱会会员在持卡后12个月内获得积分10000分以上(含10000分)时,大厦“博爱会贵宾服务中心”将主动为会员升级为博爱会精英卡会员;持卡后12个月内获得积分15000分以上(含15000分)时,大厦“博爱会贵宾服务中心”将主动为会员升级为博爱会至尊卡会员。
1. The upgrade of your membership card lies on your consumption amount in the Plaza and your personal credit record. If the membership card of the Charity Club earn more than 10000 cumulative scores (including 10000) in 12 months will be automatically upgrade to Elite card by the Service Centre. If more than 15000(including 15000) scores are earned in 12 months in your membership card, the card will be upgraded to the VIP version.
2. 若会员在过去12个月内未获得消费积分,则卡被自动被注销。卡被注销后,卡内积分将被清除,且不可再恢复。
2. If the card has not earned any cumulative scores in the last 12 months, it will be automatically logged out, and the cumulative scores in the card will lost and could not be recovered.

◎ 专属权益The VIP Rights of the Members

1. 免费享阅。大厦不定期向会员邮寄或发送《中山尚》VIP会刊,为会员奉献最新的旅游、休闲、健康时尚资讯。
1. Free Reading. The Plaza will send VIP publication Zhongshan Mode to all the members which provides the latest and best tour, relax and fashion information.
2. 时尚沙龙。大厦定期与社会知名机构联合举办主题丰富的VIP沙龙,会员优先参加。在享受与国内外顶尖专家互动乐趣的同时,获赠更多时尚与健康礼品。
2. Fashion Saloon. The Plaza will conduct variety saloons for VIPs with well-known social organizations. And the members of the Plaza have the authority to join in with advantage to not enjoy only mutual pleasure with top experts from both abroad and domestic, but also plenty fashion and healthy presents.
3. 礼遇服务与消费折扣。凭卡至大厦辖管酒店消费,可享受相应的VIP礼遇服务,除规定特例消费项目外,均可享受优惠折扣,以持卡人在消费时与大厦的最终确认为准。
3. The Courteous Reception Service and Discount. You will receive the VIP’s courteous reception service with the membership card. You will get rebate with the card except for some certain consume items. And all of these consumptions in the Plaza would be confirmed under the mutual grant of the guests and the Plaza.
4. 积分奖励。除以会议、团队、婚庆等团体形式或购买大厦专项销售产品或享受类似团体优惠在酒店进行消费的情况外,凡在大厦辖管酒店消费,在相关费用支付的同时即可凭会员卡按照本说明获得相应积分和专享服务,积分可用于兑换各类积分礼品
4. Cumulated Scores Encouragement. Except for those consumptions under the circumstance of meetings, group check-in and wedding or the purchases of the Plaza proprietary product consumption that under the similar circumstance mentioned before, all the consumption in the Plaza could be counted into your cumulative scores according to this constitution. And scores could be exchanged into lots of presents.

◎ 专享服务和积分规则The VIP’s Specific Service and the Scoring rules

VIP专享服务 普通会员 至尊卡会员 VIP 会员
10% 积分奖励    
20% 积分奖励  
VIP’s Specific Service Ordinary Member Elite Member VIP Member
1RMB equals to 1 cumulative score accord with rules
10% bonus scores    
20% bonus scores  
Members discount price
Personal files
Daily newspaper for free
Welcoming fruits
Room welcoming fruits and related service upgrade  
Presents in the room  
Check out until 14:00 in the afternoon.(depends on the demands of the room)    
Check out until 15:00 in the afternoon.(depends on the demands of the room)  
Guarantee of available room for 72 hours advance booking    
Guarantee of available room for 24 hours advance booking  
Free ironing for your shirt or pants once a day during the course of your staying in the Plaza   
Free use of gymnasium
15% discount of the food in the restaurant operated by the Plaza  
20% discount of the food in the restaurant operated by the Plaza    
25% discount of the food in the restaurant operated by the Plaza  
1. On the day of the member’s birthday, all the consumption scores conducted in this certain day will receive 100% bonus.
2. In the special bonus day, the members will receive more cumulative scores in your consumption. And the rules of the special day would be notified according to the specific activity.
3. The cumulative scores from different levels of the membership card could not be accumulated.
4. The discounted food in the restaurant excludes seafood and the specific-provided food.
积分查询Cumulative Scores Query
1. Please call 800-8289298,400-8289298(24 hours), Charity Club VIP’s Service Centre, providing your membership card number and code, the latest cumulative scores of your card will be revealed.
2. Log on the website www.zhongshan-plaza.com, to check your cumulative scores and your ranking with your card number and the code.
3. Check the cumulative scores on the reception desk of the Plaza.
积分兑换Cumulative Scores Exchange
1. When the scores reach 2000, they can be exchanged into presents. The content of the presents and the deadline of exchange are listed on the www.zhongshan-plaza.com. And the service centre will send e-mail or short message to the members about the present exchange according to the situation.
2, 有效博爱会会员卡积分永远有效。
2. The scores in the valid membership card are in effect forever.
3、 会员本人可通过以下方式进行积分礼品兑换申请:
3. The members could exchange your scores into presents by following ways:
(1) 致电800-8289298(固定电话拨打)、400-8289298(移动电话拨打) “博爱会贵宾服务中心” (24小时服务),告知会员卡号码及查询密码、身份证号码申请(申请确认后贵宾服务中心将以手机短信形式进行礼品兑换确认通知);
(1). Call 800-8289298(for telephone) or 400-8289288(for cell-phone), notify the service centre your card number, your card code and your ID card number to apply your present.(The present exchange affirmance will be sent to the members by the short messages.)
(2) 登陆南京中山大厦网站www.zhongshan-plaza.com“博爱会贵宾服务
(2). Log on the Nan Jing Plaza website www.zhongshan-plaza.com
(3) 直接至酒店前台凭会员卡、身份证申请
(3). Apply at the reception desk with your membership card and ID card.
4. 礼品类型Category of Presents
(2) 中国大陆地区任意地点任意酒店住宿(有些地区可能不适用);
(3) 旅行礼券;
(4) 电器、电子产品;
(5) 家居用品等
(1) Plaza(electronics)coupon
(2) lodging in any hotel of mainland[perhaps not suitable in some areas]
(3) tour coupon
(4) electronic products
(5) household wares
5. Delivery of the Coupon and Gift.
At normal instance, the leaguer will receive the gifts in one month if your applying of exchange has been accepted by the Charity Club’s service centre. For preserve the benefit of members, all the gifts will be send to the destination for free, according to the registration addresses on the “ Application form of Charity Club membership card, Nanjing Zhongshan Plaza”(currently, we only provide this service for the Chinese mainland guests). If there is no special claim, the gifts will be arranged to deliver or post to you by the suppliers. The coupons will be sent to you by the registered letter or handed to you at the Plaza. Electronic coupons will be directly stored in the membership card.
6, Sign for the Coupon and Gifts.
When you sign for the gifts, please show your ID card. As to the gifts which are posted, please draw them according to the rules of post department. You could refuse to accept the gifts if you find some quality problem or casing disrepair before sign. Thus the provider will send you another flawless one. If there is no quality problem, please don’t refuse to accept the gifts, otherwise, you should take on the relative charge.
7、If the member have enough cumulative scores, please fax us 3 days in advantage in order to book any hotel at any location of the Chinese mainland. The fax should contain address and name of the hotel that you chose, and some other information, such as the name of the guest, the time of your lodging and the type of the room. The service center will inform you through the cell-phone short message after complete the procedures of booking and payment. The corresponding exchange cumulative scores will be deducted after the acknowledgement.
8、The Cumulative Scores Exchange File.
The guest service center of Charity Club will establish a file system to back up all the scores of the members and the exchange of cumulative scores.
9. The involved gifts and service will be provided directly by the supplier. The supplier will answer for all involved responsibility of gifts’ quality and usage. The repair service of the gifts will be provided by the manufacturer. The Plaza would not bear any responsibility for above issues.
10. Please use the coupon of cumulative scores during the period of validity. (The date is marked on the coupon). The loss of the coupon can not be reported. The consumption conducted with the coupon will not enjoy any discount and will not count into your cumulative scores.
In the promote activity, the involved gifts’ pictures, size, material and other capabilities only work as reference. During the period of the activity, if the gifts would have stopped to be produced or been replaced by the upgrade products, the service center will inform the members, and send the corresponding gifts which are similar to replace the former ones.
Refunding the Cumulative Scores
If your consumptions are refunded for some reasons, the relevant cumulative scores will be subtracted according to the cumulative proportion of the consuming sum. If the member have used the scores to exchange the gifts before subtract the relevant cumulative scores, and there aren’t enough scores to be deducted, the member should hand back the coupons of exchange or the money of same value
挂失补办 变更Report the Loss of Membership Card and the Alteration
If your membership card is lost, please call 800-8289298, 400-8289298[24 hour service], inform the service centre that the number of membership card, the code of the card and efficient certificate number to report your loss. You can also bring your efficient certificate to the hotel for reporting the loss of member card. We will transact another card for you, and the lost one will be blanked out. The new card will have the same cumulative scores and the validity period as the former one.
If your ways of contact have changed, please send a message to inform the service center, otherwise you will take the responsibility of all issues corresponding to this.

◎ 活动解释与调整The Explanation of Activity and Rearrangement.

1. Nanjing Zhongshan Plaza hold the rights of explanation, modification, rearrangement of reward proportion for the Charity Club Membership Constitution.
2. If there is important rearrangement about the Charity Club Membership Constitution, we will inform you in advance through cell-phone short message or e-mail.